Christopher Bolin

Christopher Bolin - Set Design & Lighting Design

Christopher Bolin was born in Boonville, at the old St. Joseph's Hospital on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. "The river has always fascinated me. As a kid, it was a dangerous place that sucked the unsuspecting into unseen whirlpools. Now, it is hard to believe so much beauty is so close, and changing with every new day."

Christopher began working with the Friends of Historic Boonville and Boonville Community Theatre in 1985. He then earned his degree in Theatre at the University of Missouri-Columbia while continuing to work at Thespian Hall.

After careers in Television and Interior Design, Christopher now sells art supplies to support his hobbies of Theatre, self portraiture, and coffee. However, his oil paintings have gained increased interest over the past year, most notably in August as Featured Visual Artist for the 2009 Missouri River Festival of the Arts. In addition to his works portraying behind the scenes life, Christopher paints en plein air, and even tries to make time for a study (or two) when on tour with Gumbo Bottoms.