David Oswald - Technical Director
David Oswald
aka "Ozzie"

Born and raised in Boonville.

Spent a significant part of my life as a leatherworker (Best of Missouri Hands Volume I) in Boone County. Turner Hall brought me back...

It has been a crazy journey restoring the old place, but with Lesley at my side, it lives again. We work daily to maintain, refurbish and improve the old hall, I jokingly say I am the janitor, but I wear many hats.

You can find me hangin' in Boonville, doing carpentry, plumbing, tuckpointing, refurbishing old houses, working on Turner Hall, restoring old VW's,  and just generally fixin' what's broke!

Sister Geraldine Grebe (founder of the Four Square Gospel Church in Turner Hall) said, "David has magic fingers." I'll take that in lieu of credentials any day.