Doug Elley - Prop Master

Doug’s childhood influences of growing up in his parents’ hardware store Doug Elleyand theatre left him intrigued with sign & poster making.  The front windows of the store and the marquee of the theatre were always in need of words, images, and props to connect passers-by with what they might find beyond those street-front doors.

His love of the outdoors and innate curiosity of “where it all came from?” led him through college with a geology major & philosophy minor.  And then came the politics of the 1960-70’s and his retreat to the fundamentals of self-sufficiency…and his return to applied art in the media of signs, murals, and stained glass. 

By the age of 40 the paths of science and environmentalism crossed and he found himself employed by the State of Missouri as an “environmental specialist," enforcing air pollution laws as he traveled 15,000 miles/year of the state’s byways.

Now, back home, he tends to 20 years of deferred-maintenance on a host of old buildings, watches a 20-year-old pecan grove mature, boats the Missouri river and, on occasion, paints signs, cuts stained glass—and even gathers up props for a musical, as the needs arise.