Jennifer Davis - WOMAN

Jennifer "Jen" Davis, a Boonville native and resident river lover is thrilled to join the Gumbo Bottoms cast.  Appearing in her first musical as a young child, she has been an avid stage performer most of her life.  Care for the Earth is her foremost passion, as she styles her life toward ecological awareness and balance.  Jen started and runs Nitty Gritty Green Cleaning, an eco-friendly home and business cleaning service.  Also, she is an intern with Missouri River Relief, a Permaculturist, a community gardener and often engages in community organizing toward a more ecologically and socially just society.  Jen is deeply honored to perform in Gumbo Bottoms, a musical that marries the arts with the complex and stratified history of the Missouri River and her people.  She would like to thank her Mom, Dad, brother Andrew, and canine companion, Frida for all their love and support.