Kevin Hennessy - Bassist, Producer

Kevin Hennessy

In high school Kevin performed with the jazz, orchestra, and marching bands, on electric and upright bass.
After high school Kevin attended Musician’s Institute studying with Bob Magnusson, Ray Brown, Jeff Berlin, Joe Diorio, and Carl Schroeder. In the fall of "85 Kevin moved to San Diego, Ca. and within six months was playing with one of southern California’s best jazz ensembles, The Peter Sprague Group.

Over the last 19 years, Kevin has recorded for Sony/BMG Music, Sony Classical Records, Denon Records, CTI Records, MCA Records, Pangea Records, HBO Films, Electra Records, and Sugar Hill Records.

“Chunky” Hennessy brothers, 2008
“Where the Waters Run” Leela and Ellie Grace, 2007
“Secuencia” REIK, Sony/BMG Music, 2006
“Sabbath Home” Cathy Barton & Dave Para, 2006
“Falling Stars” Ryan Boud, 2004
“Duetto” Sony Classical Records, 2003
"Duetto" The Concert at the Roman Colosseum, PBS Great Performances, 2003
“26 Miles” Sean Watkins, Sugar Hill Records, 2003
“Let It Fall” Sean Watkins, Sugar Hill Records, 2001
“HBO soundtrack “Mind of the Married Man” HBO
Films, 2001
“Dolphins” IMAX soundtrack featuring Sting,
Pangea Records, 2000
“Forgotten Stories” Hennessy Brothers, 1999
“Soliloquy” Peter Sprague, SBE Records, 1996
“Vineland Dreams” Steve Laury, CTI Records, 1995
“Keepin’ The Faith” Steve Laury, Denon Records, 1993
“Kiko” Kiko Cibrian, Silver Strand Records, 1990

Recordings with:
Sting, Joe Pass, Larry Carlton, Peter Sprague,
Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins, Glenn Phillips, Duncan Moore, Nickel Creek, Mike Wofford, Nate Wood, Chad Smith, Michael Shapiro, Cliff Almond, Steve Kujala, Brandon Fields, Scott Henderson, Kiko Cibrian, Dave Para, Cathy Barton Para, Iian Rubin, Mike Hamilton, Bob Magnusson, Steve Wood, Daniel May, Mike Keneally, Tommy Aros, Bill Cantos, Marty Morisson, Kevyn Lettau, T. Lavitz, Greg Liesz, Warren Wiebe, Rob Whitlock, Ken Kehner, Brian Price, Wayne Johnson, Hank Easton, Salvatore Licitra, Marcello Alvarez, Sir Harry Bowens, John Opferkuch, Grant Geissman, Alan Pasqua, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Hal Rugg,
Sam Most, Allen Beeson, Karla Bonoff, Art Rodriguez,
Todd Strait, Karl Denson, Leela and Ellie Grace, Steve Stevens, Jon Brion, The City Of Prague Philharmonic,
The Roma Sinfonietta

Performances with:
John Scofield, Bob James, Albert King, James Gadson, Peter Sprague, Duncan Moore, Smokey Robinson,
Tom Brechtlein, Joe Diorio, Herbie Mann, Ernie Watts, Mark O’Connor, America, Nickel Creek, Mike Wofford,
Kim Carnes, Joey Heredia, Miles Vandiver, Dick Oatts,
Allen Beeson, Steve Kujala, Mike Keneally,
The San Diego Symphony, Marty Morisson,
Bob Mann, Ken Kehner, Rob Whitlock,
Amber Whitlock, Mundell Lowe,
Salvatore Licitra, Marcello Alvarez,
Peter Cetera, The Steely Damned, Tommy Aros,
Steve Kujala, Leela and Ellie Grace, Michael Shapiro,
Warren Wiebe, Steve Wood, Daniel May,
Jamie O’Neal, The Roma Sinfonietta, The Springfield Symphony