Lesley Oswald

Lesley Oswald - Director

Lesley was born in an inner-city Cincinnati Hospital and was raised in that mid-western, river city’s suburbs. She was singing TV jingles before she could talk and was determined to be a ballerina when she was nine years old. In high school she enrolled in “drama” class and acting became her new passion. 

Her college studies stretched out over seventeen years interrupted by short stints with summer theatres, small professional theatre groups, a top 40 touring band and a long stint as wife and mother of two sons, Matthew and Benjamin. With kids in tow, she finally completed a Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Communications as well as a Masters in Theatre from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Lesley and her boys moved to Columbia in 1989 so she could pursue a doctorate in Theatre from MIZZOU.  Most of her training and experience as a director was gained while studying for her post-graduate degrees in Ohio and Missouri.

In 1995, Lesley married into Boonville and Turner Hall. She and her husband, David, are two of the founding members of Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts and are proud to be a part of the creative adventures that organization continues to share with the Boonslick community. She is hoping that you plan to be a part of this one. She invites you to come see the show. She is sure you will be glad you did and besides, she points out, without you, the audience, where would we be?