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Meredith Ludwig - Writer / Producer

Meredith Ludwig saw her first musical at the age of nine while visiting her grandparents in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She walked through the backyard gate and down to the theatre in Cane Park for a performance of Annie Get Your Gun. What happened that night has affected her ever since, mainly by suggesting that life would be a lot more fun if people broke into song on a regular basis. Later she would be frustrated by the lack of great roles for women in the theatre and would begin writing some. Having never been the studious type, Ms. Ludwig opted for a free-lance lifestyle which has offered her plenty of writing material. She has been a photographer, a blueberry sorter, a tobacco stripper, and one of Santa’s elves. She’s cleaned houses, weeded gardens and worked on a cattle farm. She now lives in a rural studio outside of Boonville near the bluffs of the Missouri where she gardens and contemplates her next musical. She continues to write and produce an audio commentary called The Compost Pile. It airs Sunday afternoons at 2:15 pm on KOPN FM and can be heard on the web:, click on “podcasts”.