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Written and Produced by Meredith Ludwig
Music by Cathy Barton
Director / Co-choreographer: Lesley Oswald
Music Director: Janice Bradshaw
Band Director: Dave Para
Co-choreographer: Kathy Howard
Set Design and Lighting: Christopher Bolin
Costume Design: Mary Frances Hodson
Prop Master: Doug Elley
Sound Effects: Meredith Ludwig
Technical Director: David Oswald
Stage Manager: Connie Schneider
Sound Engineers: Bill Lacy and Sam Griffin
Original Poster Artwork: Tim Nadeau
Program: Sue Burns

Dave Para: guitar
Cathy Barton: banjo, flute
Kevin Hennessy: bass
David Wilson: fiddle

Cast (in order of appearance):
Woman: Jennifer Davis
Vivian: Lesley Oswald
Man & Gus: Michael Crowe
Jacques Jeanrue: Steve Jones
Gabe: Willie Cogshell
Lucy: Deb Jewett

Gumbo Bottoms Production Team
Director Lesley Oswald, writer/producer Meredith Ludwig and musician/composer Cathy Barton (from left) discuss staging the production in Thespian Hall. Photo by Christopher Bolin.